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Nasu summer school

posted Sep 9, 2015, 8:19 PM by Tomohiro Otsuka   [ updated Sep 9, 2015, 8:24 PM ]
Our presentations in the summer school are 
Sep. 11 “Increasing valley-splitting in Si/SiGe quantum dots”, (poster)
Sep. 11 “Enhancement of coherent time of a spin qubit by fast feedback in nuclear spin bath fluctuation”, (poster)
Sep. 11 “Electrical characterization of silicon metel-oxide-semiconductor-based quantum dots”, (poster)
Sep. 11 “cQED incorporating SiGe quantum dots”, (poster)
Sep. 11 “A tunnel-coupled triangular triple quantum dot”, (poster)
Sep. 11 “A fast addressable single-spin qubit in a Si/SiGe double quantum dot with a micromagnet”, (oral)
Sep. 11 “Coherence of spin qubits measured faster than the decorrelation time of their environmental noise”, (oral)